ACE Curriculum

Why A.C.E. Meets Your Child’s Needs

As we all know, good teaching does not guarantee proper learning. The question is not, “Is my child being taught?” The question is, “Is my child learning necessary skills?” The whole philosophy of Accelerated Christian Education is learning-based, not teaching-based. A.C.E. has identified five fundamental “laws of learning” and has made these learning concepts the very basis of the total A.C.E. program. These laws recognize that:

*   Your child must be at a level where he/she can perform.

*   He/she must have reasonable goals.

*   His/her learning must be controlled, and he/she must be motivated.

*   His/her learning must be measurable.

*   His/her learning must be rewarded.

With these laws in proper balance, your child experiences controlled, progressive, motivative learning, and like each student in the A.C.E. program, your child receives proper diagnosis and prescription in all the academic areas. The result is an academic program tailored just for him/her.

As an involved A.C.E parent, it is exciting to see the many built-in controls for honing your child’s study skills–memorization, controlled vocabulary, exercises in deduction and logic, writing activities, and development of reading and comprehension skills. A.C.E. also helps your child measure his/her own progress and achievement through built-in Checkups and Self Tests in each PACE (Chapter). He/she is also encouraged to assume responsibility for his/her own learning through controlled personal goals, scoring, correction of errors, and review before progressing further in the curriculum.

As part of the A.C.E. program, your child learns valuable organizational skills by being required to set daily, challenging goals. As these goals are completed and crossed off , there is a natural feeling of accomplishment. This is important to self-worth, and your child gains discipline in a life pattern that will equip him/her to reach his/her full potential and find success in tomorrow’s world.

The requirement of planning and completing goals and units of work within given time frames trains students in time management. When a child knows what the workload is and how much time he/she has to complete it, he/she is disciplined to plan and manage time in a responsible way. Because he/she must successfully complete the entire unit, there is assurance of familiarity with a wide varirety of necessary skills and academic knowledge.

As a Christian parent, you want your child to have the best Christian education possible. It’s good to know that A.C.E. has the same goal in mind for your child and has developed a highly effective Biblical and academic program to equip your child to meet tomorrow’s challenges. For more information visit, A.C.E. Education